There are several different ways to get your energy boost before your workout or a game. Most people use coffee, energy drinks, pre-workout powders, caffeine-pills, or gels. Recently, a new player has arrived on set, the Energy Gum. Energy Gum is a completely new category within the energy- and supplements market and has many benefits. In this blog, we will compare Energy Gum with the other most popular energy products.


Quickest absorption

Not mentioned in our chart, but definitely the biggest benefit of Energy Gum is the absorption time in comparison to all other caffeine products. The caffeine in pre-workout, energy drinks, and coffee are all absorbed by your body via the intestinal tract, whilst the caffeine in Energy Gums is absorbed via the mucous membrane. The caffeine in Energy Gum is absorbed within 10 minutes, whereas this takes up to 45 minutes when you drink coffee, pre-workout, or energy drinks. Approximately 60 minutes if you take capsules! A big benefit of Energy Gum is that you'll receive your energy boost a lot quicker!

Perfect dosage

Often, pre-workouts and capsules contain large amounts of caffeine, this is why the effect can be quite heavy. Think about shivers, transpiration, anxious feelings, laxative effects, or struggling to fall asleep. With Energy Gum, it is easier to keep an eye on the amount of caffeine you take. Its effect is different for everybody. Here, you can see our FIRST Friends, the list of athletes who use FIRST.

0% shit 

Do you want an extra scoop? Some young athletes start every gym session with an extra scoop of pre-workout. Which is a waste of money and can be very harmful to your health. Professional athletes don’t need this, so neither do you as an amateur! Most pre-workouts contain high dosages of the following working substances: Caffeine, Creatine, Arginine, Beta-Alanine, Taurine, Tyrosine and BCAA. High dosages of these substances make them unsuitable for daily use, as well as for use over a longer period of time. Often time they also contain substances of vague nature or with unclear backgrounds. There are even some pre-workouts that contain substances that can be traced back to the chemical roots of hard drugs, such as amphetamines. As there is a relatively small amount of knowledge on the toxicity and pharmacology of these chemicals, there are high risks when using these products. Fortunately, not every pre-workout contains these substances, so always make sure you read the label in detail.

Energy drinks do not have indistinct ingredients, but they do contain seven cubes of sugar on average, high doses of taurine and aspartame. Energy drinks cannot particularly be considered as a healthy alternative for (semi-)professional athletes.

And then there is coffee. This is the purest kind, unless you add an endless amounts of sugar. The commonly known fact with coffee is: if you take too much, it works laxative. For both energy drinks as well as coffee, we can also say that the absorption of the caffeine takes more than 45 minutes.

FIRST does not contain any unknown or otherwise unclear substances. The ingredients are green beans caffeine, xylitol, maltitol, B vitamins, and mint. So, no sugar, no aspartame, no taurine, and no gluten. 0% shit, and the lowest number of calories amongst all other products. 

Don't waste your money 

Do you still need those working substances in your pre-workouts? In that case, we advise you to buy these products separately and to dose whatever you need by hand. That way you will gain more control over the structure and dose. Often, this is also cheaper and healthier.

If it is all about the caffeine for you, then try to stop drinking energy drinks and try either coffee or FIRST. If you want to know exactly what substances you are absorbing and you want a fast effect, then FIRST is the method for you to get a natural energy boost before a game or a workout. The fast and pure effect of 80mg of caffeine is efficient and unharmful for your body.

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