We are currently experiencing a historical event. The COVID-virus is having an incredible impact on our daily lives. But how can you deal with this uncertainty and these last minute changes? I tell you what I did at the time. 


As a speed skater, I was learning how to best deal with setbacks. This was partly a necessity as I was plagued by injuries, an intense home situation, and a rapidly changing skating landscape. I was far from successful. At the time, other than watching Monty Python movies, I ended up with ""Stoic Philosophy"". A doctrine that has since become a hobby, and which continues to provide me with valuable insights about life. Insights that I love to share with you through my blogs. 


Control what you can control

The essence of this philosophy is to give your attention and energy to things you can control and influence. In addition, you accept and release the things you have no control over. Like the COVID-virus that is spreading around right now. This is not to say that I currently drop everything and react apathetically. On the contrary, as an elite athlete, for me it was about finding strength within myself and not being distracted by all the chaos and opinions of the outside world. In a crisis, this goes one step further. It's about what you yourself can do and that you have a responsibility to your fellow man. 


""What's good for the bee, is good for the hive.""

One of the most beloved Roman emperors, and also a practicing stoic philosopher, Marcus Aurelius, also faced a pandemic. In his lifetime, the plague prevailed, taking the lives of a third of Roman soldiers. Death, destruction, and loss were the order of the day at that time. The trick is not to let this affect one's own mind. A terribly difficult, almost impossible task. Marcus Aurelius eventually became one of the most beloved emperors of the Roman Empire. He trained his ability to remain calm and composed under all circumstances, thanks to the lessons of his stoic teachers who assisted him from an early age.  

Aurelius once said: ""What is good for the bee, is good for the hive, and what is good for the hive, is good for the bee."" With the COVID-virus, this statement seems more accurate than ever. He indirectly refers to the fact that Mark Rutte also underlined in his speech. As individuals, we have a responsibility towards the weak among us, towards the staff who make such an effort to nurse the sick, and also towards ourselves, to stay healthy and calm and to do the right thing. In this case, by following the guidelines. 

Driven by positive energy

For many entrepreneurs and self-employed people, the COVID-virus has a lot of effect on the day-to-day reality.

This is also the case at FIRST. Nowadays, I like to think back to the original conviction on which we have built our brand from day one. FIRST was born from the belief that everyone contains a primal force at their core. That strength is tested in the moment of chaos, uncertainty and adversity. That's what we mean by our mantra: ""Driven by Positive Energy"". Positive energy is what keeps us going. The energy that is being tested right now, in these moments of uncertainty and adversity .  


Every morning, the whole team logs in digitally and divides up the work for the day. Meanwhile, I occasionally glance at the kitchen table, where my wife and children are doing homework. In the office,  all packages are neatly shipped every day, and all your questions are answered. We still go the extra mile and continue with this positive energy! 


I am very curious to know how you are handling this situation. Please let us know! Send your story, photo, video to this email address or use #drivenbypositivenergy with your post on instagram.

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