First Energy Gum now available at Albert Heijn in the sports nutrition shelf

First Energy Gum now available at Albert Heijn in the sports nutrition shelf

First Energy Gum, the energy gum developed by Olympic champion Mark Tuitert and YouTube star Thomas van der Vlugt, will be available on the sports nutrition shelves of as many as 570 Albert Heijn stores in the Netherlands and Belgium from May 31 with two entirely new products. The sugar-free gum offers a unique alternative to energy drinks and coffee, contains 40 mg of caffeine per gum and gives you an energy boost within ten minutes. Available in Red Mint and Blue Mint flavors, First Energy Gum is packaged in a convenient pouch with a resealable zipper. The product is suitable for anyone who needs a quick energy boost, whether it is for traveling, exercising, working or studying. With the move from online to retail, First Energy Gum creates a new category on the shelf, competing with traditional energy products such as coffee, energy and soft drinks. The uniqueness of "energy gum" is that the caffeine is directly absorbed in your mouth while chewing gum.

Mark Tuitert, Olympic speed skating champion, was always looking for ways to improve his performance. As of 2017, he runs First Energy Gum together with his companions, including Thomas van der Vlugt. Their goal: to contribute to physical and mental performance by producing the best and tastiest sugar-free energy gum that provides the body with instant energy.

Mark: "Over the past five years we have learned a lot. The feedback we mainly got is that it really works, but people also found the gum to be quite large and intense in taste. A lot of people dropped out on that. So we spent a lot of time developing two new products in the flavors the "Red Mint and Blue Mint. We listened to our customers and started working on the size, flavor and packaging. We have built our brand online with an established customer base, but have always had the ambition to be available everywhere. That is why this launch at Albert Heijn is a great opportunity that we seize with both hands."

Thomas van der Vlugt, co-owner of First Energy Gum and known for his YouTube channel StukTV, is excited about the collaboration with Albert Heijn: "We want to have a positive impact on people and help them get the most out of their lives. I also especially hope that young adults will make the switch to our energy gum as a unique and better alternative to energy drinks or pre-workouts. We are excited to be working with Albert Heijn, a great partner to help us get this message to a wider audience."

So what are you waiting for? Head to Albert Heijn and get your own First Energy Gum in Red and Blue Mint flavors. Chew, enjoy and stay sharp! You can find your local Albert Heijn via this link.

The gum is also available through First Energy Gum's online shop at

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