First Energy Gum opens attack on gum shelf at JUMBO

First Energy Gum opens attack on gum shelf at JUMBO

First Energy Gum has been on the chewing gum shelf at JUMBO since today. As many as 650 shops in the Netherlands have now been stocked with the updated energy gum in two different flavours. Mark Tuitert's young energetic company has thus expanded its retail and OOH channels at a record pace of two months. Albert Heijn, AH ToGo (BP) and Spar Express were already up and running last month.

Do you like to skip that afternoon energy drink but need an energy boost? Or do you want a quick sugar-free pick-me-up on the go (in the car)? In 2017, Mark Tuitert launched First Energy Gum, a chewing gum that gives you the caffeine kick you need to get through the day. A quick alternative to energy drinks and coffee.

Although First Energy Gum gets a position on the gum shelf and at the checkout counter at JUMBO (over 200 shops), it doesn't just compete with other gum brands. FIRST contains caffeine that is absorbed through the buccal mucosa and provides you with extra energy and focus within 10 minutes. FIRST is thus a functional chewing gum and falls into a new product category that should also take on coffee and energy drinks in particular. Tuitert's success has not gone unnoticed. Since 2021, Sportlife has launched their 'boost energy' and 'boost focus' and Mentos has launched a functional chewing gum for whiter teeth and chewing gum with vitamin for extra resistance.

"With the launch of First Energy Gum among the big gum brands on the gum shelf at no less than 650 JUMBOs in the Netherlands, the big game really begins now. We are incredibly grateful to JUMBO for this opportunity and are extra motivated to show that we deserve this spot. Worldwide, we are already seeing an upward trend of functional chewing gum. These can have several unique benefits. For example, FIRST is an energy chewing gum, its action is based on the demonstrably faster action of caffeine while chewing compared to drinks, or pre-workouts, for example. "This is really the product I was always looking for as an elite athlete. Not too much caffeine (First contains 40mg per gum), and yet the fast action! These developments mean an overall innovation boost for the gum product category in which we want to become the market leader with First Energy Gum," said Tuitert.

About First Energy Gum

First Energy Gum is a chewing gum with caffeine that gives you an energy boost within 10 minutes and contributes to extra focus, alertness and stamina. Two gums are equivalent to 1 energy drink or a coffee. It works for about 5 hours after use, contains only 4 kcal per gum, 0% sugar, is gluten-free and vegan.

Many Dutch celebrities and top athletes embrace First Energy Gum, including the Dutch national team, Arie Boomsma, Henk Grol, Maarten van der Weijden and Suzanne Schulting, but the brand has a much broader audience than just athletes. Whether you're a surgeon, driver, steward/stewardess or teacher, everyone needs a little extra energy and better concentration from time to time.

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